Siera de hormigón portátil | Siera de corte de hormigón de mano | siera de hormigón de mano

Artículo No.: HCS350
Nuestra siera manual para concreto es buena para corte en seco o húmedo, siera para concreto portátil con una profundidad máxima de corte de 5 "utilizada para cortar concreto, albañilería, ladrillos, asfalto, baldosas y otros materiales sólidos
Descripción Especificación
Hand-held concrete gas saws (also named gas powered petrol cutters)  is designed for wet or dry cutting, with a maximum cutting depth of 6" used for cutting concrete, masonry, brick, asphalt, tile, and other solid materials.

Our Hand held cut off saws uses "PCVD" to maximize performance and durability. This latest scientific "State of the Art" technology creates a hard wear resistant, low friction film. Our steel alloy piston ring is coated with "PCVD" while our cylinder is coated with a hard durable ceramic coating. Together they reduce friction and form a clean burning system that generates more power, while ensuring longer life. In addition to these features our "HEMI" head design makes this hand held concrete saw the most powerful in its class.