Sierrra de cadena de hormigón hidráulico | motosierras hidraulicas | sieras de cadena de corte de hormigón hidráulico

Artículo No.: HCS
La siera de cadena hidráulica accionada por el paquete de energía, junto con una barra guía que contiene un canal de agua para la lubricación de la cadena, hace que el corte de hormigón, hormigón armado y roca, así como materiales metálicos. Corte por inm
Descripción Especificación
Hydraulic Chain Saw driven by the power pack, coupled with a guide bar containing water channel for chain lubrication, it makes cutting concrete, reinforced concrete and rock as well as metal materials.
Plunge cutting for window and door openings, air conditioner cutouts, and notching or trimming and cutting square corner without over-cut. Replace with powergrit utility chain for cutting ductile iron pipe, steel pipe and PVC pipe
Diamond Concrete Chain Saws let you make deeper, cleaner and more accurate cuts, in less time. Deeper cuts and square corners means getting the job done with fewer steps. No more trying to match up cuts from both sides. No more impact tools that risk damage to the surrounding concrete or masonry. No more over-cutting corners. Eliminating over-cuts reduces patchwork. Cut deep. Cut fast. Cut all the way through from one side.