Siera circular de alambre para hormigón | siera circular de alambre | cortadora de alambre circular de concreto

Artículo No.: CWS5
Máquina circular de corte de alambre de hormigón para cortar aberturas en paredes o techos. • para cortar aberturas circulares de gran tamaño en hormigón armado o mampostería de diámetros entre 1 my 2,5 m con un espesor de pared máximo de 1 m • fácil mane
Descripción Especificación Vídeo
Circular concrete wire cutting machine for cutting openings in walls or ceilings.
•for cutting large-sized, circular openings in reinforced concrete or masonry of diameters between 1m and 2.5m at a maximum wall thickness of 1 m
•easy handling thanks to intelligent design and short set-up time
•wire tensioning to compensate varying wire loads
•drive by hydraulic power pack of 22 kW output *enlargement possible by extension of guiding tubes

Required V5 hydraulic power pack
max. operating pressure of hydraulic drive 250 bar first gear 30L/min by 250 bar
second gear 51L/min by 200 bar third gear 81L/min by 150 bar
Electric motor of V5 power pack
Output 45A/22Kw
Voltage 380V
Frequency 50Hz
Video de nuestra siera circular de concreto Vopen - sieras circulares de concreto